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Dr. Gang CHEN Joins R&G

Dr. Gang CHEN has officially joined R&G PharmaStudies Co., Ltd., and has taken up the role of Chief Scientific Officer and Senior Vice President.


1985 – Graduated from the China University of Science and Technology with a Master’s Degree in Mathematical Statistics

1992 – 1993 – Obtained his PhD in Statistics from the University of Maryland, USA, then spent a year in the Biostatistics department of America's National Cancer Institute for his post-doctor studies.

1993 – 1996 – Joined St. Jude Children's Research Hospital as a Biometrics research assistant.

1996 – 2003 – Joined the US FDA, where he remained for nearly 8 years, as Team Leader for the statistical review group in Oncology Drug Review Division.

2003 – 2013 – Joined Johnson & Johnson (US) where he held the position of Head of Statistics of Oncology Drug R&D

2013 – May 2016 – Moved to Johnson & Johnson in China where he became Head of China’s Quantitative Science Department and Senior Director. During his tenure at Johnson & Johnson in  China, he was also a visiting professor at Shanghai Fudan University and Southern Medical University.

With over 20 years in the industry, having assumed roles as a drug reviewer and as Sponsor, Dr. CHEN has accumulated a wealth of both theoretical and practical knowledge in drug development. He has rich experience that allows him to provide creative ideas for the development strategies and clinical trial design of new drugs. Over the years he has published many important academic papers in Biostatistics and Regulatory policies including New Drug Development Strategy, Adaptive Design Clinical Trials, Multi-regional Clinical Trial (MRCT) Design, bridging/Simultaneous Global Drug Development Strategy and Statistical Methods for Clinical Trials, etc.

Dr. CHEN is a well-respected figure in the industry. Drawing from his rich experience, after joining R&G he will be able to assist more healthcare companies and provide a greater contribution to the development of new drugs in China.


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